Shelf Stable Liquid Coffee Concentrates

All coffee blends available in bag-in-box packs of 1, 1.5 and 2 litres and in 1 litre-cans. Mixing ratio 1:25 to 1:35. Dry matter: 27.5% min

Organic Direct Liquid Coffee Concentrates

A 100% Arabica coffee blend, purely organic, oggering a very mild taste profile

100% Arabica

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Gold Direct Liquid Coffee Concentrates

An extremely fine blend of famous coffees for mild and aromatic harmonious enjoyment. Certified by the Rainforest Alliance for socially and ecologically sustainable cultivation.

70% Arabrica 30% Robusta

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Extra Direct Liquid Coffee Concentrates

A distinctive blend of strong and characterful coffees.Intense and spicy flavor.Rainforest Alliance Certified.

100% Robusta

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Cold Brew Concentrates

Selective extraction of fleeting aromas and readily soluble contents result in a unique taste. Intensive flavour, floral fragrances, chocloate notes, fruisty acids, high caffeine content (twice as much compared with traditional brewed coffee), 100% natural and calorie-free energy drink, no additives

100% Arabica

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DEK DEutsche Extrakt Kaffee GmbH is the parent company of AROMAT. It was founded in 1969 and is located in Berlin, Germany. DEK Berlin is one of the production facilities of the CAFEA group. In the Berlin plant, all kinds of soluble coffees (instant coffees) as well as liquid coffee extracts are produced.

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Within the CAFEA Group, AROMAT is responsible for the worldwide sales of frozen and non-frozen iquid coffee concentrates that are used ub coffee systems.

Our company expertise is the development and production of high quality shelf stable liquid coffee extracts for coffee displensing systems. We aim to achieve a high level of customer satisfactiob by providing an optimal price-performance ratio, short delivery times and excellednt service.

Liquid coffeee is a modern, unique ingredient for innovative coffee products in the food industry. For commercial businesses, liquid coffee is becoming increasingly interesting as a compliment to the traditional coffee products.

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Stemming from a coffee trading family, in 1922 Bernhard Rothfos started his internationally known trade in green coffee. In 1955 he founded Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee(DEK) in Hamburg together with leading coffee roasters. The company expanded continuously, in 1982 his son JAn Beernd Rothfo founded a holding company, now CAFEA GmbH, for the co-ordination of the production plants and today continues the family enterprise together with his daughter.

Within CAFEA Group, high performace factories in Germany, Poland, England and Blgium produce soluble coffees and coffee drinks as well as liquid coffee of all sorts. They have speciailised in producing our clients' products. They are suppliers to leading retail businesses around the world, national and international companies in the entire food and beverage industry.

DEK Berlin GmbH with its companies Aromat and Cafeahaus AG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CAFEA GmbH.


We can also provide a certified supply chain tailored to your requirements, such as Rainforest Alliance, UTZ etc.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Certified since 1994

IFS - International Food Standard

Certified since 2004 (version 4, higher level)

BRC- British Retailer Consortium

Certified since 1888 (version 5, higher level)

Organic Certificate (DE-OKO-024)

Certificates since 1983


Certificates since early 1990s

Fair Trade

Certificates since 1999

Halal Certificate

Certificates since early 2017

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